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We love attending nose works with Carol Charles. It is a fun sport working with your dog as a team. Ella our Border Collie and Teddy our Jack Russell get great pleasure in searching for hidden scent. You learn to “Trust your dog”

Thanks Carol.

 Rob and Cheryl Griek

"My 18mth old Bouvier Des Flanders entered the world of Noseworks 3yrs ago.  We found her a "job" and she has never looked back. It's a wonderful sport backed up by a great trainer who is always there for us. Highly recommended to all owners and dogs who just want to have fun.

Team: Hell & Dell

I have a five year old stafford Storm that I have shown since she was a pup. We also started obedience when Storm was 3yrs old. Storm is good at both of these but only really does them to please me. Noseworks is a whole different thing. Storm loved it from the very first day. To watch her grow and learn and just get better has been amazing but to see her so animated and happy to do something she wants to do for herself is awesome. Thank you Carol. 


Noseworks is the best fun your dog can have. I have several dogs that have done Noseworks and they throughly enjoy it, finding odour and getting those treats for alerting.


I met Carol and her team when my Vet recommended them for my reactive Jack Russell Teddy. Carol and her team were so kind, caring and understanding helping me learn techniques for dealing with a reactive dog. Today we confidently attend various events with Teddy, armed with valuable techniques to make it easier for us all! Thank you Cheryl and Teddy

Paddy & I have discovered & taken the amazing journey of Nosework. I love Watching him have so much fun doing what comes naturally to him. Building an even stronger partnership with your dog. 

Meeting new friends, gaining knowledge & guidance from a great instructor like Carol has been so rewarding. 

Realising it’s a waste of time hiding anything from them because they know exactly where & what it is that you’ve hidden.

Robyn and Paddy

I have three dogs currently doing scentwork, two Cocker Spaniel's and a very young Gordon Setter. One of my Cocker's, Dulcie, was particularly sensitive to anything that moved or made a sudden movement such as "a container" (box) falling or even just moving. I introduced her to scent work and in a very short space of time her confidence took a massive turn for the better. She is fanatical about the sport and has no anxiety AT ALL now. She is amazing. Her love of the search is just beautiful to see. Her tail wags constantly throughout the search. Such a wonderful change from how she started out.

Kaye and crew