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We teach you how to teach your dog to be a pleasure to be around.

Imagine walking down the street with your dog on a nice loose lead, how good would that be?

Imagine your dog coming when called, how good would you feel?

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Turbo charge your training with one on one private sessions.

Tackle that issue you've been having, imagine how good it would be to solve those nagging behaviour problems.

If your dog doesn't like other dogs, one on one private sessions would be perfect for you and your dog.


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We have agility for fun and confidence building.

Agility is fun for both the human and the dog.

It teaches the dog self control and also they will learn what they are doing with their feet.



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Rally O

We have Rally O sessions for fun but we can prepare you for competition.

Rally O is obedience but you follow signs.

There's many signs and different courses so you are always kept on your toes.



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Ninja Pups classes 

Our Ninja Pups classes  set your pups up to have the best start they could have in life, building confidence, making friends, learning new things.


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Noseworks is the fastest growing dog sport in the world.

The best way to describe what noseworks is, is its similar to the dogs at the airport who find drugs, etc, the main difference is we don't find drugs.

No obedience required, any dog can do noseworks.

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